Our skills and expertise as per below:

  1. Equity and Derivatives

  2. Market Advisory And Market Research

  3. Investment and  Corporate Training


Investment And Asset Management!

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At THEWAN CAPITAL, our focus is on investment of Equity & Derivatives in Malaysia and also other Asean countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. We has established an outstanding investment portfolio that we mainly invest in products with high liquidity and return. This helps us pledge to give a good return through our investment portfolio.

Our private investment portfolio has maintained a strong growth more than 10% p.a. Our team originates, structures and manages worldwide public and private investment products every day to ensure the company’s daily management produces considerable returns.The portfolio is a private funding from the shareholders and would strictly disapprove any public funding in the company portfolio.

We integrate our expertise in market research and excellent knowledge in capital markets to PROTECT and at the same time MAKING RETURN from the liquidity of the EQUITY & DERIVATIVES market


Our expertise in market research and excellent knowledge in capital markets HELPS many traders to make a GOOD and PRECISE decisions in trading. We make this happen through our RESEARCH REPORT.

At THEWAN CAPITAL, our research team  provides TIMELY and COMPREHENSIVE updates on equity and commodity market. We do it by providing sectoral updates. The coverage also ranges from blue chip corporations to smaller companies.

We also add value to our customers by providing invaluable updates on global economies and markets while providing in-depth reports on outlook and issues affecting the world.

We have a competent team of investment analysts, a technical chartist and an economist who make in-depth study on the latest economic, industry and stock market trend

With a focus on fundamental and technical analysis, we strive to provide valuable insights to our clients in making sound investment decisions that will maximize their returns on investment.



Enhance and grow your Equity & Derivatives investment by learning from a unique combination of senior and experienced global peers, and leading sector experts.

Unique Learning.Unique Speakers. Unique Insights.

Transform your approach in trading of    Equity & Derivatives. Get the right skills and knowledge to maximise your return in this highly competitive field.

We offer our HOLLOW CLASS PRIVATE COACHING for traders from BEGINNER,INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED levels. This class will be done via a 2 days immersive course so that our client can have more and better understand in trading.

With a focus on FUNDAMENTAL and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, we strive to provide valuable insights to our clients in making SOUND INVESTMENT DECISIONS that will MAXIMIZE their return on investment. We also provide AN AFTER CLASS SUPPORT by MONITOR and GUIDE our client performance for a period of 3 month. This usually done through our monthly meeting.

Need help with trading & portfolio management? Consult for initial consultation (Valued at RM 999)